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Marques' Almeida

To continue our opening ceremony theme we asked Paulo and Marta, the designers behind the label Marques’Almeida, to make us a mixtape. Opening Ceremony have been big supporters of the duo and stocked each collection so far. Having presented their collections at the Fashion East initiative each season since graduating from Central St. Martins, this September they have excitingly gained NewGen sponsorship for the first time.

Coconut Records ‘ANY FUN’
“We love this song and especially the video: black and white, amateur looking footage of New York with Chloe Sevigny and Jason Schwartzman trying to skate. It’s the first video on our YouTube playlist so we’re very familiar with it!”

Amy Winehouse ‘MONKEY MAN’
“I really just would like this to be my walking-down-the-aisle song if I ever get married.” (Marta)
“Somewhere in the Caribbean in a small wooden place in the beach.” (Both)

Destiny’s Child ‘SOLDIER’
‘One of the best maybe less-known Destiny’s Child songs.”

The Prodigy ‘BREATHE’
“We both remember being teenagers and seeing Prodigy pick up a Brit Award on TV and them just getting up from their seats to go on stage smoking and with beer bottles. The ’90s were amazing and this song is genius; it’s probably more Paulo’s side of the studio playlist.”

Alanis Morissette ‘YOU OUGHTA KNOW’
“Alanis is still a big presence in the studio even if it drives Paulo and our interns slightly crazy. I put her documentary DVD on when I want to research.”

Lil’ Vicious feat. Doug E Fresh ‘FREAKS’
“Our friend showed us this song when we were researching S/S ’12 soundtracks and we got addicted.”

“The best song ever from the best soundstrack ever, and for such a cool movie too. We used to listen to this on loop while we were designing.”

Missy Elliot ‘WORK IT’
“I’m just in a Missy Elliot obsessive phase and we’ve just got the whole discography and it’s even more amazing than I thought.” (Paulo)

Fiona Apple ‘CRIMINAL’
“We both love Fiona and this song in particular, we always did.”

The Fugees ‘FU-GEE-LA’
“Paulo didn’t let me put any Lauryn Hill in as that’s what my playlists mostly consist of, so I sneakily put in Fugees - ‘FU-GEE-LA’ is an amazing song.”

PJ Harvey ‘DRESS’
“Absolutely LOVE early PJ Harvey.”

“This song encapsulates our teenage years so well and we’re getting more and more nostalgic with age!”

“Again, the same friend that lives in Brooklyn showed us this track when we were researching S/S ’12 soundtracks and it’s amazing! Try and learn the moves too!”


Listen to Paulo and Marta’s playlist now below or on Spotify.


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