The pair will drop a new collab this week.

Traditionally when it comes to collaboration brands like to focus on similarities; the shared interests which make them an excellent fit and not simply the outcome of some marketing brainwave, or such like.

For its new collaboration with ok-ni, Dutch footwear label ETQ has gone in hard on the idea of difference, naming the small line-up Polarity and the two styles – one black and one white – negative and positive, respectively.

“Having met Hugo and Robin from ETQ in Paris during fashion week, we instantly formed a bond and ended up hanging out for an entire evening,” explains ok-ni’s Head Buyer, Christopher Fisher.

“I guess subconsciously we conceived the idea of a polarity of styles right there and then,” he continues, “as our conversations led from day to night.”

Each mirroring the other, both models were produced in rubberised leather with a contemporary matte finish and boast thin strips of reflective 3M piping alongside the exterior; and drop this Friday.

“As we like to keep things clean and simple, we ended up taking direct cues from oki-ni’s online interface for this special release,” add Robin Engelen and Hugo Castermans, ETQ’s CEO and Sales Director, on the subject of aesthetics. “We’ve always felt drawn to oki-ni’s keen minimalistic eye, and after a whole evening discussing our shared interests, we knew a collaboration was just the right way to go.”


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