Clash takes five with the jewellery designer.

Meet Chaca, the Danish born jewellery designer making her mark on London's fashion scene. Her collections feature geometric Perspex rings and bangles, necklaces that are hung around the neck with a piece of rope and impressive headpieces for the bold and brave. Last season Chaca caught the eye of one of Fashion East's newest designers, Louise Alsop, and together they made stackable Perspex rings. We catch up with Chaca to find out who's next on her list to work with and  how music inspires her designs.


What made you decide to start making jewellery?
I have always been fascinated by the power jewellery has to express identity or to make a statement.  I have a strong fascination of how it can create an alter ego to your everyday persona.

When I was a little kid I admired the world of Cartier, it was like stepping into a fantasy world. I still love how they use seductive and strong animals like the black panther and the tiger in their designs to make bold and strong jewellery that transforms women into a seductive animal. I decided to start making jewellery because I had my own vision of how I wanted to express my personality.

Tell us about your latest collection?
My last collection is mainly inspired by old school hip hop and street culture and the personalities that come with it. In these cultures there is a strong use of expressing and creating an image by using jewellery. I wanted to use this concept to create jewellery in a more up to date design that is not bound to a gender.

My latest collection is rife with attitude. My distinctive glossy monochrome designs break out with a brazen red – a nod to old school hip hop and beat-street style. Gold chains appear, in a playful twist, suspended within the crisp geometric arrangements.  I use the rope to tie each timeless collection together, conjuring up bondage, fetish and the assimilation of power through jewellery. I share a vision that is at once elegant and sophisticated, with a persona that is streetwise, and full of bravado.

What are your main inspirations?
People that express themselves in an eye-catching way and that dare to be different, no matter what they do, inspire me. I find inspiration in everything from art deco style, to Samurai, Egyptians or over the top 80’s hip hop style. I love to put together these bits and pieces and to create sustainable timeless designs.

What can we expect from your SS15 collection?
In my new collection I will be working with the spectrum of iridescent colours, never the less I have to say that I work with theme based collections rather than following the traditional season based collections.

You collaborated with Fashion East designer Louise Alsop last season. If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
A dream would be to work with Gareth Pugh and with Givenchy. I'm also very interested in how to use technology together with my future designs. At the moment I'm especially following the development of Intel and Kenzo's collaboration. This new movement of fashion and technology working together is something very interesting; sometimes I find fashion very constant, and not too responding to the time we live in.

What kind of woman are your pieces aimed at?
I don't create jewellery for a certain gender. I'm not a designer that sets up boundaries for my designs.

Finally, who would you most like to see wearing Chaca jewellery?
I would love to see my C. C. Hammer collection on the members of Wu Tang Clan!

Interview: Lola Chatterton


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