A whole load of red, white, blue and Instagram.
Converse #mycanvasjourney

#MYCANVASJOURNEY-which translates into proper English as my canvas journey-is a hashtag Instagrammers among you will no doubt have seen thrown about on the social media platform for a fortnight now, accompanied throughout with a white, red and blue canvas bag. The bag in question is the Converse Canyon Duffel Bag and the hashtag is part of a campaign that sees 23 guys and gals-Clash's own Urban Music Editor, Hayley Louisa Brown included-carry the bag while going about their daily business and snapping the bag as they do so.

Halfway into the four week project and the bags have already visited Burberry's womenswear show, last weeks Deftones gig, and dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History (that last one was Hayley's). A few of the party have decided to update their bags too; Danielle and Nicole Kahlani-the hair and make-up dream team with matching multicolour hair, 90's style and faces (they're twins)-have given theirs a mint green makeover.

The whole shebang ends with a one-off exhibition and photo installation next month, while a peak at Instagram or Tumblr will take you through these 23 worlds as they happen.



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