Calvin Klein Wants To Know How You Feel Sexy

Calvin Klein Wants To Know How You Feel Sexy

I see you baby...

LA based DJ and record producer turned unfiltered underwear model, Diplo, makes his first foray into fashion for Calvin Klein’s latest #MyCalvins campaign for fall 2019.

The founding member of Major Lazer stars alongside Clash’s latest cover star Beth Ditto, and a cast of undisputable fashion elites including Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid and Matthew Noszka. The playful campaign champions IRL sexiness with a side-by-side shots of posed and raw, unfiltered images. An accompanying video series from Bardia Zeinali also blurs the lines between preconceived notions and boundaries of sexiness, celebrating your sexiness in public and private - even on cam à la Naomi and Diplo in the below video...

Diplo gave us an exclusive insight into the campaign and what makes him feel sexy, below.

What makes you feel sexy?

Diplo: Self-confidence is sexy. It takes work to have it be that way, to have self-confidence within yourself and also be able to project that outside. But if you can be your best self you can be, that is sexy.

How different are your public and private personas?

D: They started off vastly different! But as I get older, they are morphing into a new sarcastic superhuman.

What is your favourite CK piece from set?

D: Damn, well CK made me take it all off and give it back when I left the shoot! But seriously, I loved it all.

What is it like being in a CK Underwear campaign?

D: I mean, I really think that I have peaked at this moment...unless I get a call back from CK to do another campaign.

What is sexier? Perfectly polished or unfiltered?

D: Unfiltered! I can only relate with the real person. If I can get thru the smoke and mirrors and I find chemistry with a real person— that is as sexy as it gets.


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