Arizona Muse and G-Star RAW Fight For Sustainability At The Future Fabrics Expo

Arizona Muse and G-Star RAW Fight For Sustainability At The Future Fabrics Expo

A new partnership with The Sustainable Angle...

Holding sustainability at the core of their brand, G-Star RAW has never been one to shy away from environmentally friendly endeavours to improve their eco footprint.

G-Star RAW’s denim and sustainability expert Adriana Galijasevic joined the company in 2007, and has brought the brand to the forefront of the eco-fashion movement. With the launch of their ‘most sustainable jeans ever’ last year, which boast 98% recyclability, G-Star RAW has seen a huge shift in their social and ecological responsibility.

To celebrate the brand's new partnership with The Sustainable Angle, a not for profit organisation that initiates and supports projects which contribute to minimising the environmental impact of industry, model and activist Arizona Muse was invited to mediate the 8th Annual Future Fabrics Expo Discussion with Galijasevic and Italian designer Tiziano Guardini.

Sporting one of Guardini’s sustainable denim designs for the talk, Muse quizzed the two on the future of sustainable fashion, and what they’re doing to make a difference.

Galijasevic discussed her frustration at the slowness of government regulations and laws, stating, “the future is not far away”, when asked about the brand’s end goal in this field. She protests and petitions back in Amsterdam, and has made it clear that legislation is far more difficult to pass in the U.K., the non-recylcable care-labels that must be used are the only thing standing between G-Star RAW and 100% recyclable cotton t-shirts.

G-Star RAW sees a minimum waste approach to design as the most viable option to save the planet, championing their ‘Cradle to Cradle’ denim certification. The concept is based on five principles, material health, social awareness (in order to surpass government regulations), conscious water use, materialisation (biological or technical), and a push for renewable energies. This holistic approach is based on the idea that nature doesn’t produce any waste, so we shouldn’t either.

G-Star RAW continue to evolve innovative design techniques and styles such as the exclusion of hydrosulphates in their new indigo denim technology, and their own platinum standard fabric, trailblazing in the eco-movement by imposing their own in-house ecological regulations to battle governmental restrictions and negligence.


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