Fragile live session...
The Slow Revolt

The divide between guitar music and electronics melted away a long time ago.

These days, fans don't seem to bat an eyelid at finding a laptop in an indie set up. Even amongst this landscape, though, The Slow Revolt still stand out.

Allowing their music to gradually seep online last year, the group seem to exist in a quite solitary space. Patiently building their music up, The Slow Revolt now seem confident enough to announce their presence.

Upcoming EP 'This Dark Matter' should do the trick. Half of a two part series, some of the material is online already but the full release marks a great point of introduction for anyone new to their music.

Full of subtle passages, gentle production moments and softly assured vocals, 'This Dark Matter' seems to fuse skeletal songcraft with flakes of electronica and even the odd hint of R&B.

The Slow Revolt recently breezed through the title track for a live session. Full of poise and precision, there's an inherent drama to the performance which is difficult to deny.

Watch it now.

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'This Dark Matter' is out now - buy it here. Watch out for the second half on February 25th.

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