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The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company

The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company are a band out of time, out of place.

Sounding like grizzled veterans of the Appalachian mountains, the group are in fact young bucks from Switzerland. Indebted to the tar soaked sounds of primitive Americana, the band have refined their songwriting on three records which have built a cult audience in their native land.

Moving beyond this, The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company now have their sights set on the UK. 'The Big Hunt' is the group's first album to be officially issued in the United Kingdom, and is no doubt as fine an introduction to their music as you'll find.

Nine tracks of refined, emotive songwriting, it demonstrates the sheer breadth of talent within The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company.

Out on November 25th via On The Camper Records, Clash is able to present a video accompaniment to the title track. The song itself is sheer Southern gothic, albeit transmitted through a European lens.

The video picks up on these out-of-place feelings, presenting an astronaut wandering through darkened streets, with a palpable sense of alienation running throughout.

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'The Big Hunt' is set to be released on November 25th.

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