Torn, tattered psychedelia...
The Growlers

Pop culture is packed to the brim with failed futures, with prophecies gone awry.

Now that we've surpassed the magical year 2000, these ideals, these idylls can become divorced from our own, mundane reality - slipstreams, through which we fall sideways into imagination.

As quirky and offbeat as it seems, the new video from The Growlers - perhaps unwittingly - reflects this. 'One Million Lovers' is set to home made visuals which reflect early 60s sci fi, with spaceships made out of toilet roll tubes and lashings of tinfoil.

It's fun, and oddly surreal, and is perfectly in keeping with the music. Torn, tattered psychedelia, The Growlers seem to thrive on pastiche, on absorbing elements of the pat which have been discarded from the currency of cool to find something strange and oddly fascinating.

Watch it now.

- - -

The Growlers' new album 'Hung At Heart' is out now.


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