Psych outlaws return...
The Black Angels

Psychedelia, it seems, is back in vogue.

Grab those lava lamps from the loft, dig out that peace sign and starting curling that afro because the past year has witnessed breakthrough records from the likes of Tame Impala, The Time & Space Machine and countless others.

Yet sometimes it feels a little tame. At heart, psychedelia was outlaw music - not for nothing did the Hell's Angels supply guards for some of those initial Acid tests...

The Black Angels seem steeped in this tradition. Confrontational, non-retro psychedelia this is frayed, tattered guitar music aimed purely at expanding minds.

New album 'Indigo Meadow' arrives on April 1st, with timely cut 'Don't Play With Guns' arriving online recently. “Our music has always tried to shed light on issues that may be hard to deal with or confront,” Alex Maas explained. “If people think they can ignore the issues they are wrong. Don't play with guns, don't touch a hot stove, don't give your child a poisonous snake, don't turn the cheek when artists are willing to discuss these issues".

Watch the video now.

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'Indigo Meadow' is set to be released on April 1st.


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