New single unveiled...

Teleman are both utterly original and immediately recognisable.

Crafting beautifully fragile psych-pop hymnals, the band have caught attention with a series of special shows. However what shines through quite clearly is how English they are - sitting in that great art-pop tradition which runs from Syd Barrett through XTC and into the present day.

Working with their own Encona imprint, Teleman are now able to unveil their next single. Out on July 1st, 'Steam Train Girl' is a little like a honeycomb - sweet and quite surreal, it somehow hangs together with a rare strength.

The video presents archive footage in a unique manner, switching between sports clips and a short film of workers in a steel mill. Matching the awkward, itchy rhythms of the track itself it's engrossing, addictive and oddly English.

Watch it now.

- - -

Teleman are set to release 'Steam Train Girl' on July 1st. The band have confirmed plans for the following show:

14 London The Lexington (SOLD OUT)

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