The future awaits...
Sun Industries

The future isn't what it used to be.

The space race seemed to bring with it an enormous wave of enthusiastic optimism for all things 21st century, with the year 2000 seeming to represent the point that humanity crossed the horizon into a brighter, better place.

However when the clock struck midnight on December 31st this brave new epoch failed to arrive. Undeterred, some true believers are still out there, working in the slipstream between pop culture, technology and philosophical musings.

Sun Industries are amongst them. A secretive organisation, the exact details of their origin are - as yet - unknown, although the band have supplied the following bulletpoint manifesto:

a) "To spread positivity and enlightenment through electronic noise."

b) "To create democracy and harmony through newly-discovered sonic tapestries."

c) "To break down barriers, physical and metaphysical, via rhythmic and kinetic means." 'Shiver' is their latest assault. Out today, the track is the sound of a future unfulfilled - seeming to dwell in cracks between potential realities, the group play with sounds and expectations to produce something which has both a forward thinking sensibility and a keen sense of nostalgia.

Watch it now.


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