Bristol seems to exist in its own universe.

The city's soundsystem culture is well documented, with its network of DJs, producers and labels combining to take local flavours across the globe. However less well known is the area's predilection for producing oddball, idiosyncratic, utterly unique talent.

Take Stumbleine. A side project, the moniker is an alter ego for a producer perhaps better known for his work with dubstep trio Swarms. Released earlier this year, new album 'Spiderwebbed' is an effortlessly beautiful introduction to his solo world.

All lush textures, dream like atmospheres and cracking, half-step informed percussion we'd be tempted to label it post-dubstep if it wasn't for the fact that (a) this is 2012 and (b) it clearly isn't. Album highlight 'Capulet' has gained the video treatment courtesy of Rino Stefano Tagliafierro.

Playing on the ghostly atmosphere contained in the music, the visuals are every bit as playful, odd and downright eerie as Stumbleine's output.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Spiderwebbed' is out now.


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