Androgynous newcomer...
Sebastian Bartz

You might well know Sebastian Bartz even if you've never set eyes on him.

A hugely experienced producer, the beatsmith is responsible for club tracks under the name Venice Calypso. Also gaining work as a model and actor, Sebastian Bartz appeared in the video for post-punk legend Mark Stewart's track 'Stereotypes' last year.

Fusing visuals with an idiosyncratic musical approach, Sebastian Bartz now seems ready to step out under his own name. The beginning of a new project, 'Stiletto' is an androgynous piece of electro rock - darkly seductive, it features Bartz purring and preening over a writhing, seething backdrop.

Available as a free download, the track seemingly betrays the influence of infamous occultist Alessandro Cagliostro in its sensual collision. “I consider myself synaesthetic. When I hear the sound I can see the images" he says. "When I look at visual content I can hear the sounds”.

Just for yourself. ClashMusic have been handed the video for 'Stiletto' - shot in glamour black and white, it features Sebastian Bartz in an effortlessly stylish pose.

Watch it now.

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Download 'Stiletto' HERE.


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