alt-j get re-worked...
Ryan Vail

Technology is now so ingrained in everyday life that even pointing this out feels rather prosaic.

From the moment we wake until the wee small hours of the night technology drives us, informs us. So it should come as no surprise that a new generation of artists are using technology to re-vitalise the pop song, allowing machinery to transform standard ways of writing into something vivid, something new.

Ryan Vail are a two piece consisting of Derry duo Ryan Vail and Katie Cosgrove. Between them, the pair are responsible for dark, moody electronica which contains flecks of analogue material. Matching the humane with the hi-tech, the duo seem to ask questions, to open up possibilities rather than shut themselves off.

New EP 'FADE' is set to arrive next month, but ahead of this ClashMusic have been handed something special. alt-j's debut album dominated 2012, with the group already proving to have an enduring influence. Ryan Vail have obviously been inspired by the band, with the duo deciding to cover 'Tesselate' in the build up to their new EP.

Shot live, Ryan Vail tease out the subtleties of alt-j's music, retaining the light and shade of the original but adding their own unique voice.

Watch it now.

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'FADE' is set to be released in April.


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