Australian psych-pop group return...
The John Steel Singers

Named after a toy horse, The John Steel Singers have a joyously child-like edge.

Sure, the Australian group's songwriting - melodic, infused with psychedelics - can tackle The Big Subjects, but underneath there is always a sense of comfort, of blissful beauty.

Signed to Full Time Hobby in this country, The John Steel Singers' new album 'Everything's A Thread' is out on July 28th. The band's first album to grace these shores, it's packed with odd twists and turns, with moments of surreal clarity.

'Common Thread' is one of the record's real highlights, matching glorious melody to lyrics with a real poeticism.

Shot late at night, the clip for 'Common Thread' focusses on a bedraggled man entering a laundrette - only to break into an incredible dance routine.

Watch it now.

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