"Mike was nearly locked up for this..."
The D.O.T.

Close friends, Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey had always spoke about potentially working together.

When the two closed the accounts on The Streets and The Music, respectively, the musicians suddenly found themselves with time to kill.

Signalling their arrival in 2012 with debut album 'And That', The D.O.T - messrs Skinner and Harvey - matched an irreverent approach to beat making with their natural chemistry.

New single 'People Watching' will be released on September 1st, with the production boasting a Caribbean bounce - just in time for Notting Hill Carnival, then.

As a special treat for fans, Clash is able to unveil the video for new cut 'Less Than Tomorrow'.

Fusing a reggae skank with some lilting UK garage influences, the beat is sheer summer bedlam. Oscar #Worldpeace steps in for a guest spot, with the rapper spitting in between the upbeat vocal lines.

The accompanying visuals are lo-fi, gritty, with the tag line warning: "Mike was nearly locked up for this..."

Check it out now.

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