Rising London six piece...

'Dream pop' is such a troublesome term.

Leaving aside the vagaries of 'pop' for a moment, what exactly do these people dream about? The vast, cavernous nature of the subconscious is explored on a nightly basis, with the endless latitude of your inner self still being mapped.

London six piece Sheen are frequently billed dream pop, although this is more likely to do with the ethereal effects draped on their Fender Jazzmasters than their nocturnal activities.

Playing a few shows to refine and focus their sound, Sheen recently went into the studio. Placing the results online, the band have blown apart any attempt to pigeonhole their sound in one fell swoop.

New cut 'Hey' has plenty of soothing reverb sounds, and guitars which seem to echo off into the night. Alongside this, though, is a darkness, a heaviness which seems to borrow from Goth's make up bag.

A video for the track was shot by Anand Damodaran, with Keira Anee Cullinane and Jonathan Mead starring throughout. Beautifully accomplished, you can check it out first on Clash.

Watch it now.

'Hey' is out now.

Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

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