Powerful new video...
'Victory & Sorrow' screenshot

'Victory & Sorrow' sits - almost literally - at the centre of Sean Piñeiro's new album 'Saved Once Twice'.

It's a track which embodies the album's twin themes of beat and ambience, percussion and texture. It's also oddly soulful, yet does so in a way which seems to collapse, to crack and fall away at the slightest touch.

A woozy production tinged with hallucinogenics, 'Victory & Sorrow' has now gained the video treatment. The visuals are half-inched from what appears to be a 1970s African-American prison movie, but it's exact origins are - as yet - unknown.

What we can tell you is that it's quite uniquely powerful. Matching some violent scenes of prison abuse to a melancholic vision of life on the outside, this is visceral, gripping stuff.

Watch it now.

'Saved Once But Twice' is out now.

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