A tale of the macabre...
Melanie Pain

Melanie Pain might not be a name that leaps off the screen, but her music should already be familiar to you.

The French singer works with Nouvelle Vague, the group whose soft-on-the-ear re-interpretations of post-punk classics has won international acclaim. Deciding to focus on a solo project, Melanie Pain did the obvious thing for anyone in love with the post-punk period: she moved to Manchester.

Staying in the city for a four week period, the singer recorded material in both English and French. Mid-way through those sessions Melanie Pain opted to invite someone she had admired for a long time into the studio with her.

Ed Harcourt stopped by, adding his vocals to 'Black Widow'. Melanie Pain picks up the story...

"I was in Manchester for four weeks to write my new album when I decided to contact Ed Harcourt on Facebook," she explains. "I saw him live in Paris a few years before, but was too shy to talk to him then. So I was happily surprised when he replied immediately, telling me to come to his studio in London for a couple of days to have a go at writing music together. The next week I was waiting for him at Queens Park station in northwest London. He arrived on a rusty bike, all tattooed with black sunnies, and when we got to his studio in 'Beethoven Street' I thought that we were already off to a good start!"

"We worked non-stop for three days with Ed playing all the instruments. He was literally running from one to the other - a tornado in the studio. The first morning we wrote the music and melody of 'Black Widow' and had lunch at his favourite Italian restaurant next door to write the lyrics. I'm pretty sure the place, the food and the Sicilian wine had to do with the story we wrote: a macabre story of a woman plotting with her lover to assassinate her husband..."

Set to be given a full single release on October 14th, Clash is able to present the official video for the single before anyone else.

Check it out below:

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