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Labyrinth Ear

There's something eerie, something uncanny about Labyrinth Ear.

The duo can craft magical atmospheres with their music, a sense of the uncanny which mingles with a dancefloor sensibility.

New album 'The Orchard Room' drops on April 14th, following the huge acclaim lavished on last year's 'Apparitions' EP.

Clash is lucky enough to be able to bring you a quick taster. Shorn from the album, 'Crescent Moon' is driven by kinetic production which undulates with a near somnambulist funk.

The vocals are tinged with traces of folk music, giving the piece a bewitching sense of otherworldly Englishness.

Watch it now.

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'The Orchard Room' is set to be released on April 14th.

Find Labyrinth Ear online at their official website.

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