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'Lone Tiger' screenshot

A cult hero amongst Australian musicians, Jeremy Neale is closely tied to sprawling twelve piece Brisbane collective Velociraptor.

Working on his own, the singer recently completed something which is, even by his own standards, fairly unusual. 'Lone Tiger' is a relatively straight forward pop song, something steeped in a classic sensibility.

Yet there's an odd streak running through this, a subversive nod and wink which is reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg's dalliances with the French charts.

Part retro 60s pop and part 21st century dreamer, 'Lone Tiger' is due to be released as a single on June 16th.

Clash is able to premiere the video, and it's steeped in the same aesthetics which govern Jeremy Neale's music.

The singer explains: "The 'Lone Tiger film' clip came about from a desire to combine the greatest elements of budget neo-noir cinema - green screen driving, fog machines and the wearing of a trench coat. Harnessing the talents of director Kait Ferguson to achieve the impossible on a limited timeframe - we only finished shooting 12 hours before I Australia to head to the UK. The cliches, the contrasts, the lone tiger."

Watch it now.

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'Lone Tiger' is due to be released on June 16th.

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