From his debut album...
Jan Roth

Berlin is a city to get lost in.

A vast, sprawling, post-industrial network of streets, corridors, dis-used factories and warehouse spaces, it boasts one of Europe's premiere art scenes.

Jan Roth is based in the city, and has allowed the unique atmosphere of Berlin to filter into his music. Debut album 'L.O.W.' - sharing the same title as Bowie's Berlin opus - is a fusion of different styles, different disciplines into a coherent, spiralling whole.

Matching post-rock textures with near classical arrangements, there are elements of electronic production here as well. A dark, mysterious realm shot through with rare blasts of pure, white light, 'L.O.W.' is out now via Sinnbus. 

Ahead of this, Clash is able to premiere a live recording of new track 'Rinnsal'. Translating as 'rivulet' the track is a delicate, beautifully formed work which ripples with a fluid, free flowing sensibility.

Watch it now.

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'L.O.W.' is out now.

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