Rising Faroese newcomer...

Situated in a barren, remote part of the North Sea, the Faroe Islands has developed a unique, highly distinct identity.

It's a place which has wrestled free of larger powers to claim its own independence, to forge its own character in spite of much more powerful neighbours.

Part of a new generation of Faroese musicians, Heidrik fuses dark electronics with a near orchestral sensibility. Achieving respect far beyond the archipelago, the composer recently hooked up with Rosabella Gregory to work on new material.

New single 'Maria's Donkey' is a bizarre, outlandish piece of music. There's a pop sensibility here, but it's buried deep beneath a blur of left field strings and striking vocals.

Reminiscent of Kate Bush at her windswept best, you can check out the video for 'Maria's Donkey' below.

'Maria's Donkey' will be released on July 14th.

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