Entrancing, cerebral synth-pop...
Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Lyric videos are a strange beast.

After all, who wants to watch something which is, in effect, karaoke? Yet in their new clip Limerick trio Bleeding Heart Pigeons have subverted the idea, adding their own twist in the process.

New cut 'Visiting Myself In Hospital' opens with sharp, percussive cracks, almost like trap in their cheap, effective funkiness. Settling into an awkward, Devo-like groove, the Irish three-piece chop up the synth-pop formula and use the fragments for their own devices.

The clip only enhances this sense of breaking new ground. Filmed on a grassy knoll with the background seeping into darkness, the atmosphere is redolent of David Lynch or even 'Waiting For Godot'.

An inherently strange video, Bleeding Heart Pigeons place their lyrics at the bottom of the screen - "boundaries of fiction getting blurrier" anyone?

Watch it now.

- - -

Bleeding Heart Pigeons' new EP 'In a Room In Littleton, Colorado' is out now.

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