Courtesy of stop-motion animation specialist Chris Ullens...
'The Monster'

Bergen is one of Norway's true creative centres.

The city is a tight-knit mixture of musicians, visual artists and more, each eager to push the boundaries back just a little further.

Split between Oslo and Bergen, Atella is a three piece. A trio of musicians, their beautifully frail electronics are fused together by Kristiane Eldnes' voice.

New single 'The Monster' matches hopelessly beautiful music with a melancholic feel, as if the entire production might collapse down upon itself.

Out now via Eskimo Recordings, 'The Monster' has been given the video treatment by stop-motion animation specialist Chris Ullens. Recently working with Two Fingers and London Grammar, Ullens spins a poetic tale around Atella's music.

Watch it now.

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'The Monster' features on new compilation 'Eskimo Recordings presents The Blue Collection'.

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