Extravagant new video...
Perfume Genius

Something's changed in Mike Hadreas.

The Seattle native has spent two albums poring over the inner recesses of his soul, using his music to face uncomfortable truths. But now he's done with that.

Instead, Perfume Genius wants to step into the sun and look the world in the eye. New track 'Queen' is a daring, flamboyant return and the video only enhances this atmosphere.

Hadreas explains: "I've seen faces of blank terror when I walk by. Sometimes from seemingly strong, macho dudes - somehow my presence confuses and ultimately scares them. There is a strange power to it that I've only recently begun to understand and embrace. After many years trying to sort out exactly what they are scared of, most of the time converting the result into personal shame, there are now moments of monstrous pride".

Check it out now.

Perfume Genius is set to release new album 'Too Bright' on September 22nd.

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