Bass led contortionist...
Old Apparatus

Submerged in bass weight, Old Apparatus have managed to have an insidious effect on British music without making their identity explicit.

Kick-starting their reputation with an EP on Mala's Deep Medi label, the group are often linked to dubstep and its various splinters. In reality, though, this would be a misnomer - Old Apparatus lurk in the infinite space of bass, where sub-low frequencies are used to explode notions of composition and provide new roots for the imagination.

Recently completing work on some new material, Old Apparatus are now planning their next move. 'Harem' EP is a typically challenging next step, with the group gaining momentum before the release of their debut album next year.

A remarkably succinct, cohesive document 'Harem' manages to shuffle a lifetime's worth of ideas into 20 minutes. Sample track 'Mernom' is a case in point - all dark tones, shards of guitar and menacing electronics it seems to follow its own path.

ClashMusic have been given the video an exclusive - watch it below, before finding a (quite brief) Q&A with Old Apparatus.

Old Apparatus 'Mernom' from Sullen Tone on Vimeo.

- - -

You've released a stream of EPs this year, what is it that attracts you to the format?
We just find that the self contained sonic landscapes that we're creating within each record at the moment lends itself well to the 20 minute vinyl play time. Also the visual representation of the music is something that is very important to us and there's no better place for people to experience that than on the record sleeve itself.

You've made a solid collaboration with Mowgli, what is he like to work with?
We've known Mowgli for a long time so working with him is a natural extension of the way we work within ourselves. We hang out and exchange ideas on music, magik and life. It's very easy.

Your music has a strong visual element, are you a fan of soundtrack work? Do any of you have a background in visual arts? 
We like pictures. 

Who took control of the new video?
This video is a first for us in that it was created entirely by somebody outside of OA. His name is Nic Hamilton and he is incredibly talented. We liked his previous work and know him through mutual friends so again like with Mowgli the process was very organic and Nic's visual interpretation of the music casts a different but at the same time familiar light on what we're doing.

How do the visuals relate to the track?
We'll leave it up to the viewers to put their own meaning onto it.

- - -

'Harem' is set to be released on December 10th through Old Apparatus own Sullen Tone label.


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