For Off Guard Gigs...
Nina Nesbitt

With her fresh faced image and demure demeanour, Nina Nesbitt almost appears to young for her own success.

Yet the Scottish artist's path is well worn. Working hard at her music, it's sheer determination and grit which has seen Nina Nesbitt triumph where so many have failed.

A series of EPs have established the rising newcomer, while her cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't Stop' reached an audience of millions via a timely John Lewis ad.

Recently performing 'Flower Of Scotland' at Hampden Park before a full Scottish football international, it seems that nothing can stop the precocious teenager.

Breezing past Bestival, Nina Nesbitt recorded a quick live sessions for Off Guard Gigs. Working with Clash and Right Guard, the Scottish songwriter eased her way through 'The Outcome'.

Watch it now.

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