Using footage of the Miner's Strike...
Manic Street Preachers

The Miner's Strike remains the biggest industrial dispute in British history.

The culmination of the Thatcher government's actions against the trade union movement in this country, it became - for many - no less than a class war writ large against the backdrop of British society.

Lasting more than a year and pitting friend against friend, family member against family member, the impact of the Miner's Strike can still be felt in areas across the land.

Areas like Blackwood. The village where Manic Street Preachers came of age was dependent on mining, and has endured a sad decline over the past few decades.

Still a point of inspiration for the band, the strike - it's leaders, the men and women who gave up everything for the cause - helped to inspire new track 'Anthem For A Lost Cause'. 

Film maker Kieren Evans - who recently worked on a film for 'Show Me The Wonder' - stepped in to create a video for the song, and opted to utilise archive footage of the strike itself. "After Show Me The Wonder, we started talking about extending the story into the ’80s and about bringing in something more political. It was the era we all grew up in and the backdrop for what was really a modern British civil war. The heroic battle that wives of miners and the women's support groups waged against an oppressive state hell bent on destroying their communities should be an inspiration to all. They represented the very essence of true socialist principles; collectivising and organising themselves not only to protest against the huge injustice they suffered at the hands of Thatcher but also to feed, clothe and support fellow their fellow workers and their families. In some small way we wanted to bring a sense of this history to the promo and shine a light on the heroic women who took on Thatcher and her thugs. We should never forget their struggle."

Watch it now.

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'Anthem For A Lost Cause' is set to be released on November 25th.

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