Watch the puppet mayhem that is 'Cocoon'...

Los Angeles duo Livingmore have always had a sense of innocence to their music.

It's there in those sugar sweet melodies, and it's there in those catchy, perfectly formed lyrics.

New single 'Cocoon', though, takes this to the next level. It's a summer-fresh singalong, reminiscent of those early Vivian Girls cuts or even the first Alvvays record.

Super fun and ever so slightly kitsch, it has now gained a cute as hell new video featuring actual, proper puppets.

Livingmore explain: "We decided to do a video that had the feeling of childhood and imagination so we used puppets. It turns out Spencer has a hidden talent for puppet making and built all the puppets and set design by hand, we then directed and filmed our very own puppet show involving our band members Mike and Rodrigo and laughed at how crazy we looked while doing so."

Check it out now.

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