Le Corps Mince de Françoise

Finnish sisters LCMDF (or Le Corps Mince de Françoise in its full form)  return with 'Mental Health', the first part of a planned EP trilogy out 29th October. Taken from the EP, watch the video for 'Paranoia' now, exclusively on ClashMusic.com.

Directed by former band member Malin Nyqvist, the video for first single Paranoia can be viewed below. Talking about the clip the band say "We wanted to work with our close friends on this release, it gives a special feel to it, everyone in the production team is 25-years old or younger, It's the environment of creative people we've gathered around us that makes all this possible." On the subject of their trilogy of EPs, as opposed to an album, Emma Kemppainen explains "I felt the traditional way of releasing twelve tracks at once wasn't fitting for us right now, giving the songs out in EP-sized bundles just feels like a more LCMDF way to go."

You can also download 'Paranoia' from LCMDF Soundclud page HERE.


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