Directed by Focus Creeps
King Krule

Direct, blunt, unadorned.

King Krule's output thus far has looked us all right in the eye, telling us straight what he thinks of us. 'Easy Easy' is now exception: using little more than a surf-beat guitar, Archie Marshall can't get past the opening line without mentioning a brush with the law.

Yet this isn't bravado. Sure, the title is a football chant but here 'Easy Easy' is meant to quell trouble, to soothe tempers. Twisting, turning, tumbling into new directions, new shapes, the music is every bit as inspiring as Marshall's ever-poetic lyricism.

Shot by Focus Creeps, the video for the track is shot on King Krule's doorstep. Wandering the streets, moonlight scenes are interspersed with Archie Marshall clad in a suit - a symbol of constraint, or a sign of aspiration?

Watch it now.

- - -

King Krule's debut album '6 Feet Beneath the Moon' will be released on August 24th. Check out an archive interview with the songriter HERE.

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