Australian with his sights set on Europe...
Jonathan Boulet

At heart, rock 'n' roll attitude can be distilled down to leather jackets and motorcycle fumes.

It's a formula which is both intoxicating and immediately recognisable - right from 'The Wild Ones' to 'Easy Rider' and on through to Jonathan Boulet.

Who? Don't worry if you've not heard of him yet. The Australian songwriter has released two albums in his homeland through Modular Records, achieving critical acclaim with his raw, unkempt songwriting.

Setting his sights on the UK, new album 'Gubba' will be released on August 25th. Ahead of this, though, fans can feast their eyes on the video for 'Hold It Down'.

Filmed in the more rural parts of North West Sydney and directed by Jack Saltmiras, it inverts the rock 'n' roll myth to focus on a "lame motorcycle crew".

Jonathan Poulet explains: "The main rider is my Dad. He was going to sell the motorbike so we used the chance to immortalise him on the bike. Hours after they took the last shot, he sold the bike for cash and it was gone forever."

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