The only kid from Walsall to have reason to sport a RedSox cap
Jack Dice

Mister Frosty from orangecookie image and sound on Vimeo.

New video from Type records G John Twells, the only kid from Walsall to have reason to sport a RedSox cap, and spectral rap nerd Walker Chambliss. The pair has brought their love for beats and noise, fun electronics and Cadillac bass music.

Taken from their EP Block Motel the Jack Dice project is pressing on Manchester, UKs Modern Love. With John having a back catalogue of electronic disturbances and Walker famed for working with Main Attrakionz and running the revered Space Age Hustle blog, Jack Dice draws out new sounds from their mutual interests.

Here's Walker: "Well the vid was done by Linda Aubry Bullock, who has done live video for John and I in the past. A lot of the visual elements are based off her live work for us. John just emailed me the other day saying she'd put something together and we liked it so we decided to put it out there publicly. As far as the project goes, Jack Dice has mainly been an outlet for John and I to explore our fascination with bass heavy music of all strands."

The EP is available through Boomkat.

Words by Samuel Breen


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