A look back at 2012...
Hey Sholay

It's amazing what you can achieve in a year.

Take Hey Sholay: the Sheffield band delivered debut album '((O))' an album which seemed to prove that a vein of delightfully eccentric psych pop remained alive and well in the North. Packed with impeccable three minute pop songs, '((O))' was a bold step forward from the band.

Tragically, though, Hey Sholay's tour plans were thrown into chaos when unscrupulous thieves stole huge sections of their back line alongside some extremely rare instruments late last year. Ending 2012 on a high, Hey Sholay battled on and completed a headline show in London.

As a memento, the band have pieced together a nostalgic video for 'Go Easy Tiger' using more than 10,000 photos shot by close friend and collaborator Carl Hilton.

Watch it now.

- - -

Hey Sholay are currently crafting new material for an EP scheduled to be released later this year - new single 'Wishbone' drops on January 28th.

Photo Credit: Daniel Rose Design


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