Mysterious new video...

Herve has unveiled the mysterious new video for 'Save Me', featuring the haunting vocals of Austra's Katie Stelmanis.

The first song taken from his second album ‘The Art of Disappearing’, the video, filmed with a hand-held camera, intersperses eerie Blair Witch-style scenes of a woman running through a forest with barren seafronts and a low-lit block of flats.

A departure from the gritty dance-pop of his debut album, 'Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down' (released last year), 'Save Me' mixes brooding electronica and prog rock to imposing effect.

It bodes well for Herve's more leftfield and boundary pushing followup, which includes collaborations with Niki & The Dove, Maria Minerva and Seasfire.

Watch it now.

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'The Art of Disappearing' will be released on Cheap Trills on March 4th 2013 and Austra will support the XX on tour throughout 2013.

Words by James Evans


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