Snow burst...
Here Is Your Temple

Scandinavian groups have a number of cliches to shrug off when approaching the British press.

Foremost amongst them? Wind and ice. Pity poor Sigur Ros, for example, whose music simply cannot be described by anyone in this country without referring to glacial shifts, or frozen vocals.

So Here Is Your Temple aren't exactly helping themselves with their new video. 'So High' is a delicately wrought piece of songcraft, one that matches dark, ominous synth pop with ethereal, shoegaze influenced vocals.

Out on March 18th, 'So High' will be expanded for the band's debut EP later this Spring. The video, though, both plays with a confounds expectations...

Shot in the band's native Sweden, Here Is Your Temple are shown surrounded by wintery scenes - the endless icy plains, the snow capped pines, the frozen rivers of Scandinavia.

Yet there's a dynamism here, and underlying drama which is only magnified by the scenery.

Watch it now.

- - -

'So High' is set to be released on March 18th.


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