South American house producer...

Rafael López Garnica started out life as a percussionist.

Playing drums in numerous groups in his native South America, the musician took this same love of rhythm into the electronic sphere. Using the name Garnica the producer has been refining a loose limbed, percussive brand of house for years now.

Debut album 'Cae Nieve En Caracas' was the sound of a producer finding his feet, but since then Garnica has placed his name against a series of killer 12 inches. Developing, expanding his own ideas, the South American artist is ready to deliver a new album.

'Fool Again' will no doubt get filed under house, but the reality is that Garnica takes as much inspiration from classic disco and dub productions as he does from the sound of Chicago. New single 'Love Someone' is a case in point: the drums sound live, not engineered while the sounds are lush, fully explored.

ClashMusic has been granted the first UK play of the new video - check it out now.

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'Fool Again' is set to be released on March 26th.


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