Buoyant retro electronics...

Sometimes you just want to listen to something fun.

Not something cerebral, not something taxing or avant garde... just straight up fun.

Which is what Futurecop! provide in abundance. Honestly, just look at that name: the gleeful, comic book moniker and that dangling exclamation mark smiling non-stop in your face.

Leafing through 80s synth pop, big room techno and peak time anthems, Futurecop! are aimed straight at the dancefloor. Recently working with Swedish pop punk band Neverstore, new single 'Coming Home' is very deliberately constructed to be as deliriously daft as possible.

Throwing the track out to guest producers to construct remixes, Futurecop! decided to overhaul the material themselves.

A summertime mix for a Friday afternoon, you can soak up 'Coming Home' (Futurecop! Remix) now.

- - -

'Coming Home' is set to be released on July 8th.


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