This too shall pass...
Fol Chen

Time passes - that's a certainty.

Seconds move on, days fall behind and weeks drift by. People change, places alter and the landscape invariably fades.

Fol Chen's new video lingers on these themes. Electro whimsy with a melancholic edge, 'The False Alarms' is lifted from the album of the same name which dropped via Asthmatic Kitty earlier this year.

The clip itself is a beautiful evocation of time as it passes. Directed by Keith Musil and featuring Sinosa Loa, the story was dreamed up by Kiersten Essenpreis.

Opening with a slumber party, a young girl is lifted into mid air - the camera pans above her, focussing on the shifting scenes below as families grow and depart, until the house itself is in ruins.

Ending with a wide shot of an empty lot, it's an oddly moving affair which matches Fol Chen's lilting, beautiful music.

Watch it now.

- - -

'The False Alarms' album is out now.

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