Directed by Tyler, The Creator...
Earl Sweatshirt

Odd Future seem to have fragmented of late.

The collective maintain a spiralling series of solo projects and side endeavours - which are sometimes difficult to keep track of. Tyler, The Creator is prepping new album 'Wolf' while the likes of The Internet are also working on their own material.

However some things still draw them back together. Earl Sweatshirt has been working on new songs, pursuing his own deeply individual take on hip hop. New single 'Whoa' has reached iTunes and, to celebrate, the rapper posted a video online last night.

Tyler, The Creator directed the clip and makes a guest appearance - alongside various members of the West Coast outfit. It's an intriguing reminder that, for all their headlines and outbursts, Odd Future remain a group of kids bound together by what they do.

Watch it now.

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'Whoa' is available on iTunes.


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