80s sci fi goodness...

If you're going to pick a DJ name it might as well be something difficult to spell.

Djedjotronic - believe us, we checked that title several times - isn't his real name. Born Jeremy Cottereau, the producer entered electronic music from a lofty standpoint - devouring everything Warp could put out, he quickly discovered the work of techno warlords Underground Resistance.

Yet as time went by, Djedjotronic began to realise that some straight up dancefloor fare contained some provocative, thrilling ideas. Producing a series of cuts which border on electro house or the more linears aspects of classic techno, the beatsmith has earned a reputation for keeping clubs moving.

Working with Boys Noize Records, new EP 'Kaiko' was released today (February 25th). Straddling the divide between the physical and the cerebral, the title cut has gained a suitably trippy video treatment. The visuals seem to embody the latest Futurism of the music, recalling classic 80s sci fi flicks such as 'Tron'.

Hypnotic - and more than a little saturated with colour - it expertly offsets Djedjotronic's continually expansive production.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Kaiko' is out now.


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