Chatting about his hometown of Atlanta...

The Stateside electronic scene has had plenty of bass press of late.

Yet we shouldn't allow critical bete noires - hiya Skrillex! - obscure some of the fantastic dance music coming out of the United States. Looking behind the hype, there are countless individuals who do fantastic work deserve a little more praise.

Distal is the perfect example. Based in Atlanta, the DJ is far removed from more fashionable centres such as New York or Los Angeles. Instead, Distal was able to build his own unique sound, which seizes upon global bass movements as well as more localised forms.

Leaping from dubstep to dancehall, house to Footwork and beyond Distal has always challenged the boundaries. Perhaps because, as he explains in this new video interview, Atlanta doesn't have the electronic divisions which affect other cities.

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Watch it now.

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