Recorded in a church...
Deptford Goth

Deptford Goth is one of the most evocative names Clash has heard in a long time.

Tied to a specific place, it immediately conjures up visions of walking around the ruins of South East London. A hugely talented singer, songwriter and producer, the SE8 based talent recently paired up with one of London's most challenging choral groups.

Attached to the Roundhouse, the REC (Roundhouse Experimental Choir) are renowned for their progressive, forward thinking arrangements. Working with Deptford Goth, the pair agreed to re-work 'Feel Real' for a one off session.

Recorded in an abandoned chapel in his native South London, the clip is an extremely special accomplishment. Expanding 'Feel Real' into a gloriously epic beast, the voices of the Experimental Gospel Choir ring out around the dilapidated church.

Bonded to Deptford Goth's twinkling electronics, this is really quite special.

Watch it now.

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