Wandering through the woods...
Deptford Goth

Who the hell is Deptford Goth and why can't we stop playing his music?

The first part is relatively easy to answer. The producer is 28, has blue eyes and once worked as a primary school assistant. The second part, though, remains deceptively out of reach... At heart electronic music, Deptford Goth's output has flecks of splintered R&B with a real emotional core.

However there's something we can't quite explain, with the producer languishing between the physical and corporeal, the real and the imaginary - as he put it recently, “sitting somewhere between real and synthetic”.

New single 'Union' is a case in point. On one hand, it's a vast, swirling piece of music which contains some of his most confident compositional moments thus far. On the other hand, there are odd touches - that harp, for example - which give an unsettling, intimate, personal touch. It's a curious mixture.

'Union' is out now, and Deptford Goth has just delivered a fresh video for the track - finding the producer walking through the woods, his hands are drawn upwards by bunches of helium balloons.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Union' is out now.


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