Directed by Matthew Reed...

London never quite goes to sleep.

A tumbling mass of people, it's a true metropolis - a cascading mixture of roads, streets, avenues and more.

CYMBALS decided to use London as the inspiration for their new video. 'The End' is a seven minute, multi-lingual ode to what happens as the night curls up and falls asleep.

Opening with trains pulling into Liverpool Street Station, director Matthew Reed seems to find the real beauty hidden behind the tourist artefacts. The film maker explains:

"The video is a portrait of London over 24 hours, stripped back to its essential rhythms of work, leisure and the movement between the two. The song seemed, to me, to inhabit that grey area between four in the morning and dawn when you have people going home from the night before and people getting up for work, sharing the same night bus."

"So the video keeps ending up at that point. The idea being that however much you may try to escape it, city life keeps you hostage to very pronounced cycles of rhythm and routine. The video is an attempt to distill that into a psychedelia of: ticket halls, private gyms, gigs and Wetherspoons."

Watch it now.

- - -

CYMBALS have confirmed the following shows:

4 London Corsica Studios
20 London Camden Crawl
21 London Camden Crawl

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