New album 'Cover My Tracks' incoming...
'I Was Born To Be A Cowboy'

Charlie Fink is back.

As the lead songwriter in Noah & The Whale he crafted a much-loved catalogue, before deciding to take a step back.

New album 'Cover My Tracks' arrives on June 2nd, with the singer sharing new cut 'I Was Born To Be A Cowboy'.

Shot at a top secret location in Kent, it re-casts Charlie Fink as the patron of a Old West town, and it's a striking watch.

Says Fink, "This video combines two of my recent ambitions. Firstly to shoot in this amazing location. Secondly to have my brother incarcerated. Doing this to the soundtrack of 'Cover My Tracks' most upbeat moment made it all the more pleasing."

Tune in now.

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