Thom Yorke dances! (again)

Thom Yorke's transition from indie rock godhead to electronic fulcrum has been curious to watch.

'Kid A' might well have exposed a side of the singer's record collection more indebted to Warp than Sub Pop, but the album didn't really contain anything which would work in a club situation. Since then, though, Thom Yorke has decided to shake a leg in the most public way possible.

Radiohead's 'Lotus Flower' video featured the frontman busting some serious moves, an expertly choreographed piece which Thom Yorke was seemingly heavily involved in. Since then, the singer has collaborated with Burial and Four Tet, as well as unveiling Atoms For Peace.

A collective which also contains Nigel Godrich and Flea, debut album 'Amok' was flushed with glitchy electronics and ideas liberally borrowed from the dancefloor. 'Ingenue' is a great example, containing the kind of sinewy, cerebral funk which only Thom Yorke can really master.

Out now, Atoms For Peace have toasted the release of 'Amok' by giving 'Ingenue' full visual treatment. Featuring Thom Yorke dancing (again) the singer's moves are matched by a young female artist dressed in identical tweed.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Amok' is out now. Read our review HERE.


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