Directed by Nabil...

Music videos tend to tick a few boxes.

There's the performance clip, the black and white moody number... and then there's whatever alt-j dream up.

New cut 'Hunger Of The Pine' is a sweeping, intense return, and for the accompanying visuals the band have embarked on something truly ambitious.

Directed by Nabil, the clip follows a young man charging through the woods. Pursued by arrows, strike after strike bring him to his knees, but the protagonist continually progresses.

Finally reaching open space, the young man picks up a barrel and showers himself with petrol before flames descend from the skies.

Based on a concept by the band's own Joe Newman, the clip focusses on themes of extreme desire and longing, the willingness to choose your own destruction rather than have it foisted upon you.

Check it out now.


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